Work & Play

I was scared that this past weekend was going to be a drag with my dreaded thesis needing wrapped up, but it wasn’t bad at all!
I spent all day Saturday working on my thesis editing and such, napping some, and caught up on watching a TV show too. Nothing too exciting there.
Sunday I was off to the races, literally. I made my way on the bus to Stockbridge where the 25th annual Stockbridge Duck Races were occurring. I heard about the event two weeks earlier on Facebook and even bought four ducks. I was cheering on ducks 1881-1884, and all of the proceeds go to charity. Each year the number of ducks released are the is the number of the current year, so this year 2014 ducks competed.
People jammed in along the waters of the creek (as I would call it), bag pipes were being played, and ducks dumped from trash cans to race for the prize. Duck wardens from the supporter, Bailie Bar, were on hand to make sure there were no rogue or lost ducks. A black lab even got in on the fun to help retrieve a few ducks, and kids were given ducks to throw in the water. It was a fun event for all especially this 24 year-old.
After that, I went on an adventure. Shopping adventure pretty much. I just found myself walking around finding new places and faces. I happened upon a dog shop and needless to say Oxley, Reese, and Brutus now have some haggis treats. Oxley even got a new stuffed animal. I love my pups!
Next was a local farmer’s market full of lots of flavor, flare and wares. Fresh fix to Mexican food, chocolate and dog treats were on sale at the market that is held every Sunday at Stockbridge and an event I will attend again.
I ended the day in the City Center where I went to Hotel Chocolat (swanky chocolate store) and got gifts for myself and others along with a restaurant called Mussel Inn.
One of the best meals I have had was the wonderful crusty bread, salad and locally sourced from the Shetland Islands mussels (garlic, cream and white wine) for a cheap £8.00. Granted that was lunch price, but I am going back soon!
After dinner called for a walk through Princes Street gardens coupled with spectacular views of the castle, which you can see in the photos. Truly breathtaking. I spent some time taking in the scenery and snapping photos like a paparazzi, but then I was soon headed home to get ready for the work week.
I had some exciting things happening this weekend too, and I can’t wait to share them soon.
Until next time…

Life of a Communications Intern…

What has been going on for me with the work side of things? A lot actually.

Last week we were busy wrapping up business and news stories from the Royal Highland Show. I wrote a story for SRUC news about People to People students visiting one of SRUC’s campuses on their study tour. I actually was invited myself by People to People to a few international experiences but declined the offer so it was neat to write about an organization I was somewhat familiar with. People to People brings middle and high school students from the US abroad for international experiences. You can read the story here.
At the show we take service inquiries for anyone in education, research and consulting to get back with clients if the information isn’t readily available or the person with expertise in the area is not at the show. I took all of the inquiries and scanned, searched for the correct person (consultant, PhD, education officer, etc.) to deal with each specific inquiry, emailed that person, and developed a record of replies. Phew, that took a while.
I compiled the survey data from the show into a formal survey report for Jane to take and show to the board (EMT) about the impact SRUC has at the show, who is coming to our stand, and why. It was interesting to see the results with mostly farmers and general members of the public visiting and learning something new at the show. I also created a Survey Monkey survey with text from Jane that we sent out to all employees who worked at the show stand to get responses on their experiences and overall views/opinions.
I also searched for some press cuttings/media coverage on Rural Scotland in Focus for Sarah Skerratt, met with Sarah M. about social media accounts as I am taking them over while she is away on her honeymoon, and followed up some leads on stories as well.
We also had a quick party for Sarah’s big day, so that is what the above picture is from. Thanks Andrew 🙂
I’ll be quick about what I did this week so here goes. I am currently writing a press release for the winner of the RC Stewart award for SRUC’s graduation, writing an SRUC news story about French visitors at Crichton Dairy Research Center (which I visited on Tuesday July 1st too), developed intro and conclusion text from the SRUC’s Education/Learner Report for a video speech, created a feature writers in Scotland/England contact list in Vocus, successfully manned Twitter and Facebook while Sarah is away, and traveled with Sarah HA to Dumfries and Galloway to the dairy research center. 
The trip to southwest Scotland was fabulous.  A nice “cracker of a day” as the locals call it with clear skies and sun was the perfect way to head down to Dumfries and Galloway. I have traveled in and around Edinburgh, but I haven’t really had the opportunity or time to go any further yet. I will be doing more traveling outside Edinburgh soon, but I was more than excited for this out of office adventure. 
We took off early in the morning, and I enjoyed every view on the way down. We met with researchers to discuss an open day in the fall (educational public engagement agriculture event) based on farming in the past, present and future. I would love to see this event come into being and help with it more, but sadly, I won’t be here until late September. 
We then were given a tour of the campus, which I learned was once an old mental hospital. The campus is huge with so many buildings that it is hard to believe it was once a hospital now turned university, college, and private business campuses and offices. 
The story behind the location is an old wealthy gentleman left money for a university to be established and the other universities in Scotland didn’t want another. After a long battle, I guess the second best thing in his widow’s mind was to open a mental hospital complete with church and farm. 
We toured the church, which was breathtaking for a hospital church, and the farm is where the dairy research center is. The farm has about 500 cows and 300 calves in two locations. The farm is situated on 310 hectares (not sure of the acres conversion) milking three times a day while producing hay, corn, field beans, and more. Research is currently being conducted on soil compaction, feeing bi-products, and growing everything in the cattle’s diet sustainably. Pretty neat. We were soon off mid-afternoon for the 2 hour drive back to Edinburgh.
Well, that is enough for now. Be looking forward to a post soon about my weekend adventures on June 28 and 29. 


Beachin’ It

10477923_10152529711510883_3831188353035187958_nThis last weekend (June 21-22) was amazing mostly because of my friend Lins and her husband Richard! Anyways after the Royal Highland Show on Friday, I grabbed a quick bite to eat along the Royal Mile and a beverage for a congratulatory week 4 and RHS in the books. I soon made my way home around 9 p.m. that evening and passed out!


Saturday Lins came into town to pick me up. We were soon off to her house out in the countryside in Haddington. I love where they live. Their farm cottage is on a larger farm estate complete with a nice garden and fields swarming with rabbits. I loved on their yellow lab for a while before we were off to the BEACH!


The views were to die for as you can see from the photos in this post. It was a bit of a walk through the marsh and over the sand dunes, but once I could hear and smell the sea I was absolute heaven. I love the SOUTHLAND more than anyone especially Arkansas, but I do think I need to look into finding myself in a southern non-landlocked state. I love the beach, the atmosphere and everything that comes with it.

The water was pretty chilly though. Some kids were splashing around, and I even saw a van with a logo on it about surfing. We all know when you’re a kid though you have no senses whatsoever especially about water. If it is available you are more than likely in it, no matter the temperature. I had the DSLR and iPhone so I used both to snap images of the beach, water and their pup Duke. I could’ve stayed there all day!


We were soon off to a local lookout point where there is a monument for a local military man. The views were outstanding. You could see from miles around. Edinburgh was instantly visible thanks to Arthur’s Seat. You can often see the clouds hanging over Edinburgh from Haddington anyway. This day is was bright and cheery though. I took some good pictures here too. Sheep were near by, fields all around, and a view to kill. I am thankful they took me here.


By this time, we were famished. We headed back to have a BBQ. Richard willingly put the grill together while Lins and I snacked on Pringles. We had a nice little picnic set up complete with candles, blankets, and cushions. Sadly, it began to sprinkle outside so we had to move our picnic inside. We had chili burgers, salad, and veggie kebabs. YUM! We ended the evening watching Monuments Men and sampling some toffee fudge cake. I highly recommend both. 🙂

10446626_10152529713385883_1605687535089939143_n 10382162_10152529713225883_1757942738344699944_n

 The next morning we lounged around the house, watched some TV and Richard even cooked us an amazing breakfast. I needed this relaxation. I have never felt more at home away from home than at Lins’.


We headed off to Tantallon Castle. Here is the link. Check it out. Ahh-mazing. It is a ruined castle along the coast. I have seen some pretty sights so far, but I think this one tops them all. This place will take your breath away! A ruined castle, cliffs, water, the Bass Rock in the background, an old WWII lookout nearby…. I was in heaven. We climbed and climbed up the ruined castle where we were actually standing on what were once the walls of the castle. Needless to say I held onto the rope and railing a lot to get up and down the stairs.


We spent a good deal of time at the castle with me walking the grounds and snapping pics that an afternoon tea/coffee stop was in order. We ran into people Lins and Richard knew, and they pointed us in the direction of Steam Punk near town.

10262056_10152532121440883_7361014715750600031_n 10502201_10152532120820883_6817791709868335078_n

Retro, quirky and industrial is how you could describe this place, and I love every inch of it. I even took pictures of the bathroom! I ordered a macchiato, which my friends is not your average everyday Starbucks macchiato. God bless, this was pint sized shot of espresso pretty much. If I am going to be taking a shot of anything, it sure as heck would not be espresso so I kindly returned my shot for a cappuccino.


Along with coffee/tea comes cakes and biscuits (cookies) as I have learned. I ordered a raspberry and white chocolate brownie that was gluten free by the way. Best. dessert. ever. OR since I have been here. Perfect complement to my now cappuccino. 

 We took the road along the coast back to Edinburgh. I loved going this way. I was able to see multitudes of golf courses, old WWII tank barricades on the beach, old towns and the sea. It was a nice, calming way to end the weekend and get ready for the work week. I was soon back at my flat getting ready for the busy weekend ahead, but I sure did have a weekend to remember.


I had a smile on my face for quite a while after this past weekend, and I am so thankful for Lins and Richard having me over and toting me all around to see the beautiful sights! We have a few more things planned while I am here, and I cannot wait to go on more adventures with them both! 

Royal Highland Show


Here is what happened in WEEK 4 of my internship here at SRUC. I cannot even begin to believe 4 weeks have already flown by. I did a pretty thorough review of my week’s activities prior to the Highland Show last week so this post will focus on the Royal Highland Show. Yippee!

10444570_10152526566250883_2267041790386137659_n (1)
Thursday my morning started out very early around 5:30 a.m., and Sarah M. kindly picked me up for the ride to Ingliston where the show is held. The show grounds are literally right beside the Edinburgh airport. You could see numerous planes both coming and going, but sometimes I still wondered how some of the horses didn’t spook and spaz out entirely.
The SRUC building and tent were absolutely gorgeous. One of the best designed and nicest looking stands on the show grounds. Shout out to all of the communications staff for all of their hard work! We started the day with a briefing to get familiarized with the booths, demos, etc. I spent the day working reception with Sarah M., Anne, and Francesca. Anne works with SAC Consulting and comes to the show to help every year, and Francesca was our work experience student there for the week. They all were great.
10389519_10152523822655883_1127766540214802303_n (1)
Francesca even was able to help me with the surveys of visitors. Over the two days, I talked to 54 people, and we had a total of 81 responses to the survey. I am worked yesterday and today to compile a report for Jane to review.
My feet have never ached so bad in my life, but I was able to venture out in between busy times at the tent. I was able to catch a few sheep shows, show jumping, see a few Scottie dogs, visit the International Visitors Center, and see the HIGHLAND CATTLE! I wish I could’ve spent more time around the show, but I did have to work too. I could literally watch livestock shows ALL day, and still be happy as a clam.
Francesca and I did use our lunch break to tour and sample everything in the Food and Drink Exhibition. It was truly amazing, and I swear they had a little bit of everything throughout the building. Samples were offered at almost every booth, and we both happily obliged. They had cheese, oils, olives, dairy products, sweets and so much more. We went around the first day and tried everything so then on Friday we knew which places we liked and which we didn’t. I bought a mixed berry meringue (SUPER SWEET!) on Thursday, and a lovely pickled onion cheese on Friday. I know, it sounds disgusting, but it is awesome, promise!
Friday we also had the Chocolate Trail debut in our very own building. The trail was developed by staff to highlight chocolatiers from all over Scotland. Five chocolatiers and students from SRUC were on campus displaying their chocolate delicacies or doing cooking demos with chocolate. Chocolate mousse and chocolate chilli were some of the samples available to try along with chocolate truffles and a chocolate fountain with strawberries and marshmallows. OMG!
After the chocolate induced coma, I headed off to see more of the show ground to the “Countryside” area where there is a pond, blow up houses for the kids, fish being smoked for sale, and some other festive events. My favorite and main reason for my visit to this area was the dogs herding ducks aka the ‘Drakes of Hazzard’. Hilarious.
Both days we had receptions we needed to set up for. Thursday I headed out for home soon after 6 p.m., but Friday I stayed after to catch more show jumping, the craft fair and walk around some. The show jumping was so neat because they were competing in speed teams. A little kid was on a pony and an adult was on a horse with each mastering five jumps. What a great show to watch. I then was off to the craft fair tents, but as I got there some were closing. I quickly looked around and headed to the bus stop. It was a long two days, but I enjoyed every second of it. I am so blessed to have this opportunity, and it is one that I will remember for a lifetime.
10491171_10152524251250883_5085808607104420029_n (1)
The weekend after was just as good as the show. I’ll post about that soon!
Until next time… 




Edinburgh Castle and Caulton Hill!

As I look back through my iPhone photos, I am finding how far behind I am with blog posts! Last week and this weekend was a blur. This post will be about my adventures over the weekend of June 14 to 15 with more work-related posts and this weekend’s adventures coming soon.

So a little over a week ago, the weather was set to be almost near perfect so I knew I should go out and about to explore. I originally planned to climb Arthur’s Seat, go to Edinburgh Castle, visit Caulton Hill and venture to Holyrood Palace (the official palace/residence of the Queen while she is in town).
I was a little over zealous with trying to fit everything into one day as I soon found out. I at least made it to Edinburgh Castle and Caulton Hill. I’ll save the rest for another day. 🙂 I started out the day taking my time to get ready and soon I was off.
It was about lunch time, and I wasn’t quite sure what I was hungry for. I was near the Royal Mile and soon ran into Patesserie Valerie, which my friend Maggie Jo had recommended so I stopped in for a quick bite so I would have the energy to tackle the castle. Sandwich and a complimentary dessert, and I was good to go.
I entered the castle grounds as they are beginning to set up for the Military Tattoo in August so grandstands are being erected. I was told to venture around the castle grounds and to not go in because of the price, and boy, am I glad I didn’t listen. It was worth every penny.
The castle and within the walls was so much bigger than what you can see from the ground below and what I had thought. The history and ancient feel all around Edinburgh draws you in. I keep telling myself that yes, America has lots of history to be proud of, but the feeling of visiting an almost 1,000 year old castle is mind boggling. I get a much different feeling when visiting castles, seeing churches and other monuments while I am over here. I find it hard to wrap my mind around how much work it would take to build these buildings, wonder how they are still standing and wonder what life was like centuries ago. It makes me want to learn more and dig a little deeper into the history and days gone by, truthfully.
You can see the photos of the castle throughout this post. I loved every minute of it. I spent 3 or more hours in and around the castle. Sorry, no photos of the crown jewels as they were not allowed!
Between the castle and Caulton Hill, I took a break in Princes’ Street Gardens. Since it was warm, people were out in droves. I became one of the locals and found a nice grassy spot to enjoy for an hour or so.
I soon was off to Caulton Hill. It was a climb that is for sure, but worth every step. It is near the end of the Royal Mile. The views of the city, the sea, and Arthur’s Seat were outstanding. I also enjoyed viewing the monuments on top the hill. On my way there, I happened upon a very, very old cemetary. It was kind of creepy but still so interesting to see gravestones with dates older than the USA!
Sadly, it was about 8 p.m. at this time, and it had started to rain. I put my rain jacket on and began the trek home. I was about famished at this point so with trying to look at my phone to find somewhere decent to eat in the rain, I gave up and went into a place called Rascals for a burger. It was pretty good and the perfect place to wait and let the rain pass.
So that was my day. It was a great day of exploring. I used the Sunday to catch up on grocery shopping, washing clothes, catching up on American shows, and my thesis, boo!
Next up…the Royal Highland Show!
Until next time…


Exciting things going on this week and last!

My last two weeks as communications intern have been great. I have completed a numerous amount of projects to assist the communications unit.

To start off, last week I compiled the text/questions along with sketched a design for the Royal Highland Show (RHS) public engagement event. I then passed the information off to Andrew, our talented graphic designer, to create the worksheet for the children’s activity. I also did some searching for activity appropriate prizes within the budget for children at the event. Research is being conducted here about natural plant defenses against pests and disease. The vegetables being researched are leeks, brussel sprouts, broccoli, and onions. We are relating this research on plant defenses to that of castle defenses. What a perfect combination seeing as Scotland is home to so many castles. I solidified the RHS survey as well that will be used to collect visitor data at the show this Thursday and Friday.

I then caught up with education leaders/tutors asking for outstanding students to highlight with a press release prior to graduation. I continued work on an earlier graduating senior story to wrap it up. I was given a lead about a consultant (similar to an extension educator in the States) who recently became a world record holder in double trap shooting. I followed the lead, conducted the interview, and you can read the finished product here.

In terms of work for the Rural Policy Center (RPC), I completed a full website evaluation to give to RPC administrators. I identified bad links, what worked and what didn’t, and other information, as I was a first time user/viewer of the site. In addition to that, I created a Google Analytics “How To” to give Jane and Sian a little insight as to how to easily get around Google Analytics to find the information they need for RPC. One thing I did learn was that Google Analytics can send you a weekly/monthly/quarterly update on your site, and you can tailor it to your needs as to what data you would like to see.
I almost completely forgot about one of the coolest experiences of my life where I felt like a superstar. Sarah M. and I went to the Marketing Society’s Star Media Awards 2014. It was a completely swanky event with cocktail hour, three course meal and real awards show feel with a popular UK TV/radio personality as host. We were out late, enjoyed learning about marketing campaigns around Scotland, and meeting new people! It was an opportunity of a lifetime, and I appreciated in the invitation to attend because we especially felt like VIPs. See the photos throughout this post. Super neat!
Early this week, I compiled a thorough Facebook evaluation of university/college library pages in the United States. I noted likes, what kind of posts created dialogue and what didn’t, and other pertinent information. Sarah used this information in conjunction with her similar evaluation of UK university/college Facebook pages for her meeting with the college’s library professionals here. I also searched and compiled a document with information, dates, and links to festivals held in the fall for Sarah A. to inqure about for Talking Science educational booths/lessons.
That is enough text for now. Tomorrow is Wednesday and then the rest of the week will be spent at the RHS. I’ll be sure to update about my experiences there. I know for sure I will be administering surveys, but I look forward to the livestock shows and chocolate trail event!
Until next time…


Adventures Outside of the Office

Aside from working five days a week, I am trying to venture out and explore the city. The first day I got here I hit the ground running with a student here at SRUC. The next day I ventured out and about to get groceries and the essentials, but my first real weekend was an adventure.

I decided not actually let myself sleep in somewhat due to getting adjusted to the time change and having a busy first week on the job. Sleeping in for me usually equates to 9am. I made some breakfast, slowly got ready, searched addresses and bus routes, and I was off.
First stop was the Edinburgh Zoo. I love zoos and wanted to be sure to see Edinburgh’s. It was a little bit of a long bus ride and outside of town so I am glad I decided to face my fears of riding the bus instead of walking. It was a nice, sunny day in Edinburgh, which meant many people were out and about at the zoo. You have to book times to see the pandas and unfortunately all of the times were booked. I got in line, bought my ticket, grabbed a map, and I was off.
I had the map but truthfully just wandered wherever. I only used it when I wasn’t completely sure of where I was. First off, the zoo is on the side of a mountain. You will feel like a mountain goat after your visit. It is quite the workout, but the view when you reach the top is completely worth it.
I saw the usual creatures zebras, tiger, rhinos, bears and more, but my favorite animals and exhibit of all was the PENGUINS. I have never seen a more glorious and fun penguin exhibit in my life. The exhibit had a waterfall, multiple areas to swim, sprinklers and tiki umbrellas with pebble beds. It was amazing watching the penguins of all shapes and size frolic and splash in the water. SO MUCH FUN! I could’ve spent all day watching them.
Next, I was on the bus again using my iPhone to navigate where exactly to get off near the center of town. I succeeded, thankfully. I stopped in a few touristy and not so touristy shops to browse. I did buy some postcards, which I have yet to send out (whoops!) along with a coaster with my name on it. Morgan is actually a Scottish clan so that is why my name was on a coaster! Pretty neat nonetheless.
By this time it was later in the afternoon and time for a quick snack to keep adventuring. I looked on Yelp before I left to find somewhere good to grab some grub so when when Wings Edinburgh popped up on Yelp I almost wanted to say the pledge of allegiance! America in Scotland. Yay for wings! It was a quirky little retro place that reminded me a lot of Hammontree’s in Faytown. I ordered a pint of Magner’s Irish cider and “dancing in the bleu flame” wings, and I was set. Delish.
I continued exploring the city. Visiting The Elephant House cafe was on my list though before I made it back to my flat that day. Why must you ask? J.K. Rowling wrote much of her first novel in that location on George IV Bridge. I’ll admit to being a closet Harry Potter nerd. Thanks to Google maps I found the cafe, and it was on my walk home!
I took the fan girl photos outside and inside in the bathroom where numerous people have written their thanks and love to J.K. on the walls. I sat at the side bar minding my own where I struck up a conversation with a lady in town on business from Canada. A fellow North American, God bless! She was a fabulous person to talk to and almost spent the entire time talking whilst munching on our desserts. I had red velvet cake that was so rich I couldn’t finish it. She offered to take the photo of me seen above at the cafe as well. Traveling on your own does have its downsides because you’d look like a fool taking a million selfies due the fact that you only have yourself to take photos. 🙂
I got in pretty late that day and called it a night. The next day I spent running errands close to my flat and still acquainting myself with the area. Unfortunately, last weekend (June 7-8) I came down with the flu and didn’t leave my bed let alone my flat. It was horrible. The weather for the most part was gorgeous as I was stuck in my bed. I am planning on more adventures this weekend hopefully, but at some point, I do have to get my thesis edits in order sooner rather than later. Check back soon to see what I’ve been up to both at work and discovering this beautiful city! Until next time…

Week 2 Recap

I sadly have spent the last 48 hours being sicker than a dog. I think the exposure to rain and cold all day at Scotsheep this last Wednesday did me in. I have done nothing but sleep and feel awful so as my fever breaks I plan to focus these next two blog posts on what I have done both at work and outside of work. This post will focus on what I have done at my internship thus far!

Early last week I got settled into my workspace for the next 10 weeks, which feels like forever but it is flying by. I was able to meet everyone in the communications unit too. Jane, Lins, the Sarahs, Andrew, Ken, and everyone else were all very welcoming. I hit the ground running sending out emails to professors/academic counselors asking for graduating seniors with a unique background or interesting story we could highlight. I also interviewed Francoise Wemelsfelder about her trip to the US. She was asked by a graduate student organization to be the distinguished Storer lecturer. You can read the story here.

10308874_10152488948555883_4021805353750691849_nI also spent some time with Sarah M., Lins, and Andrew learning what they do with social media, web, and graphic design work. I also attended the launch of the new Farming for a Better Climate focus farms at one of SRUC’s research farms at Easter Howgate, and then I was off to Gardening Scotland with Sarah M. on Friday to do some interviews and get some photos.

10305329_10152488949805883_3125771744364720773_nMonday of this week (June 2) was the launch of Rural Scotland in Focus. A biannual research report that focuses on the needs/issues of rural Scotland. I attended the launch, helped with setup, and took notes to write this story here for SRUC news. I also finally landed an interview with a graduating senior and began writing a story about her and her experiences while a student at SRUC.

10365713_10152488948065883_116392074960723168_nWednesday I went to Scotsheep hoping for better weather. The fog was heavy and the rain was pouring down all day. I did enjoy seeing the different breeds of sheep, booths, and people. It was very comparable to a beef expo in my mind. It was fun even though it led to my weekend demise. Thursday and Friday went by fast with doing a bunch of different things like attending a social media workshop with Sarah or sitting in on a meeting with Lins and a client.

10376836_10152488949335883_4845294303435122137_nI’ll write again soon about my experiences outside of the workplace even though this weekend was a bit of a drag being cooped up!


Week 1 and I’m still alive!

A week and a day. That is how long I have been in Scotland right now. The time has flown by, which I think I will still say once this 10 weeks has finally come to an end. So first things first… I started off my journey arriving very early into Edinburgh airport. After getting settled into my flat at the University of Edinburgh’s international dorms, I was greeted by Marcus, a student who is traveling to Arkansas to do work with researchers in July. He took me around the city for a great lunch (see below), helped me with landmarks/getting around, purchased my bus pass and got a new SIM card for my phone. Yippee, a few big things marked off my list.


Monday was my first day on the job. I jumped right into the morning meeting with everyone and finally got a chance to meet all of the staff individually. My week was full of emails, a news story for SRUC news, spending time with the social media, graphics, web personnel, research farm visit, and Gardening Scotland show on Friday. The photos below are show gardens from the gardening show with one at the beef/pig/sheep research facility at Easter Howgate. It was a great week where I was able to get acquainted with the staff, who are all fabulous by the way especially the great group of girls in my office who made me feel at home. I wouldn’t have survived without them! Check out Scotland’s Rural College’s (SRUC) website here, which is where I am working this summer in their communications unit.


I also tried some great food this week and visited some amazing places. I ate at the Olive Tree Cafe, Holyrood 9A, Wings Edinburgh, and visited the Edinburgh Zoo. I love zoos, and those were just a few of the places! See the photos below for all of the yummy goodness. Zoo photos to come in a separate post. 🙂


One thing that keeps coming to my mind is how we, as Americans and those who do not live in a city like myself, take transportation for granted. I am so used to just getting in my Jeep and taking off to wherever I need to go. I normally don’t think of just buying a few groceries because you have to lug them all the way home, but now I do. You also don’t see the gas guzzling SUVs here, but rather quite smaller cars and an increased emphasis on recycling, green house gases and reducing your overall carbon footprint.


This week I have walked, navigated the vast bus and tram systems as well as been lucky enough to catch rides with coworkers. The transportation and getting around this city was overwhelming and intimidating. I was in a new place with new people, but I was lucky enough that minus certain brogues everyone speaks English.


Another thing I can say is that if I would have came to Edinburgh 10 years ago, I would have been even more stressed. The technology on my iPhone has made it possible for me to navigate around the city finding places I want to see, where to eat and how to ultimately find my way home. I have seen so many places because of the maps app on my phone and the app for the bus system.

Up tomorrow is the Rural Policy Centre’s release of Rural Scotland in Focus and a visit to Scotsheep on Wednesday out of the office. We will see what else I will be doing in the office, seeing on the street’s of Edinburgh and getting into this week. 🙂 Until next time…

It has been far too long…

In the past, I have used this blog to serve as a way to share my hobbies of cooking, photography, spending time with my dog and what not.

Since graduating with my master’s degree just a few short Saturdays ago, I hopefully have the time to keep up with posting more than I have been. Grad school and big kid world can be such a drag sometimes. 🙂 I have numerous Pinterest hits and misses to share along with some gorgeous new photos as well.

For the time being, I am going to use this blog as a way to highlight and record my internship experience. I am currently interning at the Scotland’s Rural College in their communications unit. I’ll be sure to post as much as I can, sharing images and commentary of my experience in the land of the Scots along the way. Until next time..